Europeans Uncertain About Smoking Ban; Many Opt For Cancer

While Europeans generally support banning smoking in restaurants, many remain opposed to banning it in bars.

When interviewed, a British opponent of the ban said, “When I go to a pub, I like to smoke. I also like to inhale secondhand smoke. Then there’s the added benefit that the next day my clothes smell like an ashtray. So naturally I’m very much against banning it.”

“Let’s face it,” a Spanish opponent commented, “Dragging on a cigarette, inhaling the smoke, and then blowing it out is so exciting that I’d rather die in a bullring than quit.”

A French advocate of the ban in bars stated, “I like the catchy names of French cigarettes, like Gaulloises. Just feel how that polysyllable rolls on your tongue. But I’m just not a big fan of lung cancer.”

A German sighed, “I just wish somebody in Europe would open a bar for nonsmokers. At least, they’d know their customers will live long enough to become regulars.”

We asked a bartender in London what his opinion is. “I have to breathe cigarette smoke all day. So I like the ban. It’s not that I’m afraid of getting cancer. It’s that after about an hour at work, I start to cough and that makes pouring drinks a little chancy.”

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