#DontTellMeHowtoDress Goes Viral

Thailand  celebrity Sirinya Bishop responded to the call from authorities in Thailand for women to dress modestly to avoid unwanted sexual attention during its water festival.

“Women have the right to dress however we choose, as long as it’s not illegal. Sexual assault and harassment is never the woman’s fault!!” Sininya Bishop wrote on Twitter. “Tell men to keep their hands to themselves!”

The post  has been viewed and re-tweeted hundreds of thousands of times with women joining in and sharing experiences of sexual harassment during the three day festival.

She told Bloomberg: “Maybe the reason this is taking off faster is because they’re not coming out and accusing anyone. Our society is quite conservative, and for someone to come out and point a finger at someone who’s assaulted her is huge, I don’t know if we’re ready for it yet.”

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